How to change Email for Apple ID?

The username of the Apple ID is always an email address. As time goes on, you may want to change that email address for a variety of reasons. Maybe that email account got hacked, maybe you no longer use it.

However, no matter what the reasons are behind it, Apple makes it possible to change the email address which associated with your Apple ID in a matter of minutes.

In this section, we talk about how to change Email for Apple ID. Your Apple ID is the key that ties all of your Apple devices and service together. This is what makes it possible for you to make purchases in iTunes. After that, you can access the purchases on all of your other devices that use the same Apple ID.

Steps to Follow on how to change Email for Apple ID? 

Despite having so many advantages, you might confront several issues while changing the Apple ID. Hence, you need proper guidance on how to change email for Apple ID. 

Now, let’s walk through the steps in order to change the email address that is associated with your Apple ID. Hence, go through the steps carefully and apply them accordingly:

Step 1

Open a web browser and navigate to the official website of Apple. Then, you will land on the Apple ID sign in Screen. Enter your Apple ID and Password into the corresponding fields and then click the arrow on the right side of the password field to sign in. Now, you will land on the profile page for your Apple ID.

Step 2

Click on the Edit section which is located in the Account section. Now, the Account section expands and most of the field in that section becomes editable.

Step 3

After that, click on the Change Apple ID beneath Apple ID which is located at the top of the Account section. A dialog box pops up prompting you to enter a new email address to use as your Apple ID.

Step 4

Enter the new email address you want to use as your Apple ID in the respective fields and then, press the Continue option. A new dialog box appears informing you that a verification code has been sent to the email address which you want to use as your new Apple ID. The dialog box contains six blank boxes. These blank boxes are where you will enter the code after you retrieve it.

Step 5

Keep the dialog box with the blank boxes open and access the email account you want to be associated with your Apple ID in either a new window or on a smart device. You will receive an email from the Apple that contains your verification code in the body of the email. 

Step 6

Enter that code in the blank boxes in the dialog box on the Apple ID website and then click Continue in the dialog box. Now, the dialog box will close indicating that you have successfully change the Email account which associated with your Apple ID. 

You will automatically see the Apple ID change on that screen. Under your name at the top of the screen, to the right of Your Apple ID is and also in the Account section beneath Apple ID.

To make sure the changes are applied across all of your devices, sign out of your Apple ID and then sign back in using the new email address and the same password. Hence, these are the process you can try on how to change the email address for Apple ID.

Bottom Line

Now, you know how to change the email for an Apple ID easily. Simply apply the steps mentioned in the above section carefully and you can successfully change the email address associated with the Apple ID. it is recommended that, do not jump any steps. You may face a major issue if you do so.

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