How to Fix iMac Stuck On White Screen?

iMac working suddenly a white display freezes its screen…May be you have faced this situation when your iMac device is stuck with white screen. This state of iMac doesn’t allow performing any action everything halts, no response of pressing any key. The reason could be anything from hardware problem to software issue, you need to run an operative troubleshooting process and fix the white screen problem of your iMac.

Run into Safe Mode

Shut down your iMac and restart in safe mode that will run only limited functions and not allow applications to run or open any folder etc. To start your iMac into safe mode press power button and at the same time hold swift key, when apple logo appears release the swift keys. In safe mode you can check and repair disk that cause issue.

Reset PRAM Memory

Resetting of PRAM (“parameter random-access memory”) sometimes fix boot failure or white screen issue. Reset PRAM and to do that switch-off your iMac and restart while holding down the Option-Command-P-R keys until your Mac restarts. When our iMac starts up, meanwhile release the key and PRAM on your iMac will reset. And if you face any problem while resetting that, call to iMac technical support technician.

Single Mode Terminal Use

Running Mac with single user mode helps to short-out various problems. To enter into single user mode shut down your Mac and press power button and instantly hold down command-s. Now you will enter into single user mode that now you can check and file system to get back on the reboot mode. This could be a tricky process you should contact with iMac customer support number for remote access to fix the issue

Reinstallation of Mac OS X

The last and most effective resort, re-installation of Mac OS X helps to restore every Mac problem including white screen. When you reinstall new operating system of Mac OS X you will get completely new computer that have by default setting and Mac not show any problem. You need to call Apple iMac phone number to carry out this process carefully which needs extra skills and precautions to keep your iMac safe.