How to Fix MacBook White Screen Death Issue?

Steps to Fix MacBook White Screen Death Issue

A MacBook encountered with MacBook white screen death issue need to be fixed timely to avoid major problems like system crash or hard disk failure. The white screen on Mac devices comes when Mac OS X can’t start properly because of some issue with software or hardware. White screen will not allow you to do any function on Mac machine keeping system freeze till reboot.

And when your MacBook fails to restart, it means there is some serious technical issue that should be fixed with right troubleshooting process. If your MacBook stumble upon white screen death, catch below few steps that will help you to fix Mac white screen issues.

Switch-on Your Mac in Safe Mode

Try to boot your MacBook in safe mode by pressing and holding the shift key at the time of start. When you see the apple logo on your screen release the shift key and meanwhile apple mac performs a directory check of your startup disk in safe mode. The problem will be fixed itself, and now exit safe mode and restart your system normally.

Run Disk Utility Repair

Repair your disk utility by turning your Mac off by holding power button for a while. Restart your Mac and hold down the command and R keys till apple logo appears. When you see Mac OS X utilities windows, then select disk utility and click on Mac OS X hard disk to start the verification and repair process of your Mac’s disk utility. Technicians working at Apple MacBook support can also help you to repair disk utility of your system.

Reset PRAM and SMC

The white screen death can be fixed with rest of PRAM (“parameter random-access memory”) that stores many important settings. To rest PRAM you have to restart your Mac and instantly hold down the option-command-P-R keys till your Mac restart and your Mac is starting release the keys to reset the PRAM for system restore.

Reinstall Mac OS X Properly

One of the most effective ways to fix white screen death issue on Mac devices is reinstall the Mac OS X with new version that may have free from such bugs creating such issues. Connect Mac to strong internet connection and to go to apple store from where you will find latest version. Updating Mac OS X is a little critical process you need help of an expert providing macbook support number with extra care and precautions.